Saturday, June 29
Myrna Noyes Community Hall
SV Sandy Beach

Round up your friends and saddle up for a great night of fun!

Great Times

Everyone Welcome

DJ Karaoke
7PM to Midnight

Licensed Bar
7PM to Midnight

No Admission Charge
Drinks $8 each
18+ event

Great Eats

Drop in for a bite to eat, or drop by for take-out!

Enjoy the amazing tastes of a New York style food cart

Great Feedback

Pub Nights were introduced as a means for folks to enjoy a social night out without having to travel too far.

Unanimous Public Feedback Said ...
"Hold on long weekends"
"No cover charge"
"No minors"

  Everything has gone up in price - the cost of fun remains priceless!
Pub Nights are self-sustained events that are not eligible for any grant funding.

The average net profit is $71 per Pub Night.

The cost of each Pub Night is $800 for rent,  insurance, licence and entertainment - liquor and bar supplies cost an average of $500 per event.


... Add a live band to this equation ($1,500+) 

The League welcomes feedback and suggestions that are financially feasible and inclusive for all adults who enjoy these fun evenings!