Local & Government 

Support for Seniors

Information Sessions

Myrna Noyes Community Hall

Presentations on health, safety, finance, and much more!


Financial Support

Alberta Senior Supports

Subsidies for assistive equipment, appliances, furniture, etc.

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Give us a call for confidential assistance at 780.996.5155

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Sisters of Service

Community activities are a great way to make new friends. But when you just need a little companionship, the Sisters of the Onoway Mission are amazing company!

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Helping Hands

... for that little extra help

A Bud & Myrna Noyes Legacy Program initiative. Our community volunteers assist low-income individuals and single parent families, seniors, chronically ill or injured, and newcomers with practical needs. Our clients are those who do not have a support network or financial resources to help themselves. We prioritize the needs of residents, but share resources with other organizations when need arises.

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